Will you do me the honour?

There was a long thread (200+ comments) over at Pandagon last week about the pressures on both men and women regarding marriage expectations, which was quite fascinating. Amanda was reading a book about proposal angst and was worried that people might think she was reading “bridal p*rn” because of the picture of a woman in a wedding dress on the cover, and that they would then conclude that she was one of those who’d bought into the hype of needing to be married, the fear of being “left on the shelf”.

The post concentrated particularly on the romantic and dramatic expectations regarding the proposal itself:

The first shots of the HPV vaccine

Ian Frazer, the discoverer, is doing a bit of a whirlwind tour today for the cameras – vaccinating some girls and young women in both Brisbane and Sydney on the first day that Gardasil is approved for use in Australia.

As yet there’s no government subsidy for the vaccine (which protects against the virus that causes the main form of cervical cancer), so the full course of three shots costs over A$400. There’s nonetheless no shortage of takers, and a growing number of men interested in the vaccination as well so they can be confident of not infecting their partners.

I’m shocked-diddly-ocked I tell you!

If a dad freaks out after his six-year-old innocently says the word ‘pen*s’ when reading a sign some teenagers have pranked, experience tells me that said six-year-old might just think it was enormous fun to say that word over and over and over again just to make daddy’s eyes bug out. Working out whether when his face changes colour like that it matches the crimson or the magenta crayon more exactly might be considered enormous fun as well.

But apparently, Bryan Flynn thinks such a reaction from his six-year-old indicates a “traumatized” child, and requires channelling Ned Flanders:

This has shaken the bedrock of our family. I made an emergency call to our church’s pastor about this bombshell in my daughter’s life and he is unsure how it will affect her future.

Happy Birthday Mr Tog

Today my darling added another digit to the figure he puts in certain boxes on certain forms. He’s busy all day today with churchy stuff (he goes, I don’t, yes it used to be weird, now it’s no big deal),… Read More ›

Hyphenating – who goes first?

So Brangelina’s baby has been born – Shiloh Nouvelle Jolie-Pitt. There is undoubtedly going to be a lot of sneering at the choice of personal names, but today I’m looking at the family name. Jolie and Pitt had already decided… Read More ›

Who moved that apostrophe?

I’m a week late, I know, but Helen’s Mother’s Day piece got me thinking. How did a day that grew from West Virginian Mothers’ Work Days from 1858 onwards (where mothers worked together to improve their community), and Mothers’ Friendship… Read More ›

Tragedy of the Closet

There’s been a lot of ink and electrons devoted to Brokeback Mountain, but here’s what I think is the best review (major plot spoilers alert)- An Affair to Remember from the New York Review of Books’ Daniel Mendelsohn, pointing out… Read More ›


The Tigling, who just turned 11 last October, is now officially taller than me. I didn’t overtake my mum until I was 14. She’s also taller than the Togster who turns 13 in May. They just take after different sides… Read More ›

I grieve

My 15-year-old cat Poco developed a growth in her jaw last November. X-rays and biopsy showed that while it was non-malignant, it was eating away absorbing the bone on both sides of her mandible, so that her chin was essentially… Read More ›