That dismal science.

Media Circus: Budget 2014 Edition

The ABC website has a handy special Budget summary page that will be updated as the announcements roll in. Meanwhile, First Dog In The Moon makes some points about our nation’s hugely expensive mistreatment of refugees and how public servant redundancies which get replaced by more expensive consultants don’t actually help the sacred bottom line.

What news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

Australian childcare; a very partial wishlist

I was inspired by my baby suddenly being given a daycare place, and my ambivalence about placing her in daycare as a young baby, to remember all my frustrations with the Australian pre-school daycare system, and to suggest what, from my perspective, would be considerable improvements.

Time to End the Valorisation of Ignorance

The federal government is quite open about its plans to interfere with the independence of academic research, and to shut down according to its whim any research they fancy that falls outside a narrow selection of medicine and technology projects. I hope the only reason that this hasn’t been howled down instantly is that we haven’t yet processed what this really means.