New LP commenter tanja has a terrific blog – art and politics meet photoshop at Poligoths. If our muppets in Canberra confuse and infuriate you, head over for a point and a laugh. And my perennial favourite Chris Clarke at… Read More ›

A Transhumanist Future?

The whole 666 Number/Mark of the Beast thing and the fact that I’m reading Peter F. Hamilton at the moment has got me thinking about biochips and the future of other technological augmentations of the human body, and how those… Read More ›

Go go Gadget Mars

Some guys have essentially invented a tricorder that’s going to Mars in 2009. I heard an interview with a team leader, Robert Downs of the University of Arizona, on tonight’s Science Show. Based on the Raman spectrometer, which gained for… Read More ›