Jill Filipovic and internet searches

This is a crosspost to effect a Googlebomb, correcting an injustice against a fellow feminist blogger. Apologies for the length, but putting any of it behind a cut would kinda defeat the purpose.

Jill Filipovic, who blogs at Feministe and Ms. JD, is a NYU law student who has been the subject of cyber-obsession on a discussion board allegedly populated by law students. The discussions regarding Jill Filipovic (and many other female law students) are sexist and sexual in nature, rating the women’s physical attractiveness and fantasising about sexual contact, both consensual and non-consensual. Neither Jill Filipovic or any other of these women contributed, or gave their permission to be discussed, to the discussion board in question.

Jill Filopovic‘s name and class routines etc have been regularly posted to this board, and at least one of the pseudonymous board-members claims to be Jill Filipovic‘s classmate. Photos that Jill Filipovic posted (with full rights reserved) to an interent photo-storing and sharing site have also been posted to the sleazy discussion board without her permission. This is a horrendous invasion of Jill Filipovic‘s privacy, a violation of copyright law, and calls the ethics and character of the alleged law-students participating in these discussions on the discussion board into question.

A major side-effect of an already nasty situation is that the sexist, objectifying cyber-obsession threads come up on the first page of internet search results on Jill Filipovic‘s name. To an inexperienced user of the internet, it may even look as if Jill Filipovic and other female law students chose to compete in these Hot or Not rating competitions, instead of having their pictures posted without permission.

This post is an attempt to balance those internet results to point to the significant writings of Jill Filipovic instead, using the Googlebomb tactic and also linking this post to social networking sites (eg. del.ici.ous, Stumbleupon). Please feel free to copy any or all of what I’ve written here to your own blog in order to help change the top-ranked search engine results for Jill Filipovic. If you don’t have your own blog then please at least [follow on of the] links to this [one of Jill’s] posts and add it at your preferred social networking site with the tag “Filipovic” (as well as any others you think appropriate).

I have linked to these sites in this post:
Jill Filipovic‘s bio page at Feministe
Jill Filipovic‘s blog posts at the Ms. JD blog
Jill Filipovic‘s article about these scummy lawschool sleazebags at Feministe
Jill Filipovic‘s article at Ms. JD: When Law Student’s Attack

If any of the other female law students stalked by the same sleazy site wish to copy this text with names altered, you hereby have my full permission to do so. All other rights reserved. (C) 2007 tigtog

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6 replies

  1. I’m fairly sure that many links from one post will have fairly little effect in a googlebombing, but I could be mistaken.

  2. You could be right, Kristjan. I’m working on hazy instinct.
    Still, since I put this post here and in a few other places (and I believe a few other people have copied it as suggested) the link to Jill’s posts at Ms JD have moved up to #3 in the googlesearch, above the sleazeboard, and this post has ended up at #5 (which was totally not what I intended at all, but if someone is doing an internet search on Jill, I guess this title will certainly catch their eye).
    I don’t know how long it will remain effective at effecting a front-page result, but I’m fairly happy with the exercise so far.
    How did you become aware of this post?

  3. d’oh. just realised the above sounds really cocky. I know I’m far from the only one who’s posted a reaction to the sleazeboard and their sexist obsessions.
    That’s why I was surprised to find this post on the front-page. That’s really not how I thought it would work.

  4. Ah, I realise what’s happened. I asked people to add this post to social networking sites, and obviously they have done so. Gracias to all those who did and are still paying attention, but what I should have asked is for you to follow the links to Jill’s posts and add them to social networking sites.
    Bugger. Oh well, changed the request in the post body now as well.

  5. How did you become aware of this post?

    I have google alerts for my favorite bloggers, since most of them have a tendency to write in other venues as well (I obvious exclude their own blogs from the alert, since I already read those).

  6. Yet another net-tool that I have yet to play with. Might have to explore it. Love the gravatar, too.

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