culture wars

Broadly, conservatism vs progressives / social liberties vs authoritarianism / social justice vs elitist marginalisation.

Cattiness and choice feminism

Thus, the problem with criticizing a woman for being appealing to a patriarchal beauty standard, you are, whether you like it or not, feeding the belief that women are catty. Moreover, it feeds the notion that conventionally attractive women cannot… Read More ›

Boring consumerism

I took the tigling and some of her friends for a cinema and pizza outing yesterday to celebrate the tigling’s birthday. That was fine, lots of fun, actually. But because of the weather we had to stay inside the mall… Read More ›

GOP: vote because you’re scared

The GOP message basically boils down to this: We have created a world so unstable and hostile with our unbroken string of blunders and unnecessary provocations, can you really risk electing someone new who will squander two weeks learning the… Read More ›

The veil dilemma

Speaking out against the veiling of Muslim women is hugely problematic because of the way niqab has been politicised, and also because the experience of North Africa shows that when Western feminists get shrill about Islamic oppression of women it… Read More ›

Education preoccupations

An article in Thursday’s The Australian caught my eye regarding Labor backbencher Craig Emerson proposing mandatory school-based education until the completion of Year 12 for all students. The ideal of an extended education so school-leavers have more skills and knowledge… Read More ›

Just my Quasimodo costume

I have rediscovered The Editors, courtesy of Lauren. The Editors revealed the true transcript of the Foley IMs. I thank The Editors for this generous public service. [Link: The MSM’s Foley transcript]


I was reminded tonight, as I often am when we watch cable TV, that my husband cannot stand Tara Moss. Or the blonde Linda Robson on British sitcom Birds of a Feather. He’s not into Julia Roberts, either. Simply cannot… Read More ›

So, it has come to this

There’s been a sense of dispiritedness in most of my favourite blogs this past weekend. I’ve shared it. Despite several times in the past few years pointing out signs of incipient fascist tendencies in the Bush administration, I always wondered… Read More ›