I was reminded tonight, as I often am when we watch cable TV, that my husband cannot stand Tara Moss. Or the blonde Linda Robson on British sitcom Birds of a Feather. He’s not into Julia Roberts, either. Simply cannot see what is meant to be attractive about any of them, and the huge popularity of Roberts has him especially stumped.

I note that all three women have a wider than average mouth: as he says, when Julia Roberts smiles her mouth is such a gash that he expects her head to fall off. (I don’t see this the same way at all.) He hastens to add that he’s sure that all three women are perfectly pleasant people, he just has a visceral reaction that he doesn’t want to watch any of them on his screen.

As they say in the classics, there’s no accounting for taste. There’s a large female following for Colin Farrell, who leaves me utterly cold (I picked up a bargain bin DVD of the critically praised Phone Booth ages ago and have yet to psych myself into watching it). Jennifer Lopez: meh. Paris Hilton: what the fuck are you smoking?

So, bitch to your heart’s content. What inexplicable celebrity can you totally not stand? (Let’s take Tori Spelling as read.)

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  1. Kyle Sandilands. The epitome of inexplicable talentless celebrity.
    I don’t get Paris Hilton either.

  2. Woody Allen. Julia Roberts too (though she was good in “Erin Brockovich”).
    Andy Bob sez “Phone Booth” is worth seeing in spite of the hoaky plot premise.

  3. Shaun nicked mine! I actually had to stop watching Australian Idol because I hate him. So. Much.

    Also, Keira Knightley.

  4. Kate, I thought Keira was amusing enough right up until P&P: The Most Unneccesary Movie of All Time. now, I can’t stand her or her skeletal appearance. she’s ruining the deliciously gratuitous Deppy-pervy-ness of Pirates of the Merchandising Rights.
    I’m with mr Tog as well, Julia Roberts actively irritates me. a lot.
    also: the chick who played Dawn in Buffy.

  5. mr tog is thrilled to know he is not alone in the Julia Roberts meh. I never got into Idol, so am blissfuly Sandilands-unaware.
    I actually quite liked Keira’s acting of Lizzie in P&P:TMUMOAT, same with McFadyen’s Darcy: it was just the direction, female costuming, Bennett house set and script that sucked. I do want her to go back to the strong wiry body she had in Bend It Like Beckham, though.
    OK Andy, I’ll crack open Phone Booth’s case.

  6. Michael Douglas. Not so much now, but when the first Basic Instinct came out he was in everything and was apparently supposed to be the sexist thing in movies. I just couldn’t see it, and still can’t.

  7. Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, none of them have any effect on me but I posted on a Barbara Cartland film a while back and mentioned Stewart Granger who still had ‘it’ with his silver hair and gorgeous voice. I think that’s what’s wrong with male stars, they sound like little boys. Back to Hornblower and can you imagine it being made with American actors?

  8. Hornblower with Americans? That would just be wrong.

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