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Friday Hoyden: Nova Peris

A Friday Hoyden for you: sporting legend Nova Peris, also known as Nova Peris-Kneebone, also known by her current married name, Nova Batman. Nova Peris Kneebone was born in Darwin 1971, a member of a family who are traditional owners… Read More ›

Soundbites on YouTube

Politicians around the world are gingerly using YouTube to make policy statements, or maybe just to get their soundbites out there while avoiding having to have a press conference. Now some Catholic seminarians have parodied the Mac vs PC ads… Read More ›

Sex ed – the facts

Further to Lauredhel’s post about a UK judge’s strange views on the sexual precocity of a 10 year old girl, which became a discussion on young people and sexuality (and the negatives of viewing adolescent sexual experimentation through a lens… Read More ›