Quicklink: fundraising drive against female genital cutting

Missed this while I was away, and some of you may have already seen the post linked at Alas, A Blog!, but the post is still open: Kim at Larvatus Prodeo is on a comments drive to raise money for NGOs working to educate communities away from the traditions of female genital cutting.

For every comment on this post which discusses the issue seriously without turning it into a political football, attributing motives to bloggers or indulging in disputation about religion, politics, culture wars, or clashes of or within civilisations, I will donate two dollars to The Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development up to a maximum of two hundred dollars.

My hope in doing so is that that money will make more difference to eradicating FGM in Egypt and other countries than two hundred loud denunciations in Australia would. The Foundation also works to eradicate forced child marriages and fistula.

The post is currently up to 90 comments, not all of which are substantive.

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  1. Damn, because of my current slow internet connection (back up to normal speed on Monday) I can’t get pages to load at LP. Which is a shame, because I wanted to point out something I recently read (on a thread at Alas, perhaps?) comparing the community based programs which successfully eradicated foot-binding in China (the government ban there was apparently largely after the fact of community based programs reaching the tipping point of having a majority of the population pledged to discontinue the practise). The successful strategy was in persuading high-status families to pledge against foot-binding their own daughters and then extend the pledge further into the community until at least a few hundred people in the community had taken the pledge, thus giving them local solidarity in keeping true to the pledge over subsequent years.

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