Autism & ASD

Keeping Creepy Under Control

Some links that neatly bookend aspects of a problem that many people experience, either as targets of creepiness finding that their social group is not stepping up to back them up, or those worrying about their particular social habits being perceived as creepy when it’s the last thing they want to be. Also? Enough with the Aspie bit already!

Quickhit: new discoveries on the genetics of autism

The search for the genetic underpinnings of autism spectrum disorder has just yielded a new set of clues. In the largest study to date, the Autism Genome Project consortium reports that people with autism have more copy number variants – segments of DNA that have been either duplicated or deleted – in their genes.

And still they defend him

The doctor who first claimed that the MMR vaccine could cause autism has been found guilty of a series of misconduct charges, that include putting children through painful and unnecessary tests, a disciplinary hearing has ruled today.

Horrendous autism “advocacy” video

Because Kids with Autism are just that Difficult to Know and Understand, and that Huge a Burden to Real People, apparently. Also, the message is that supporting Autistic people here and now is not nearly as important as raising money for cure/prevention some many years in the future.