Autie + SAD = foot in mouth

a black labrador pup looks peacefully into the camera, text below reads *Guess Who's Visiting?*I’m not the easiest person to be around at the moment. The famous Aspie bluntness plus a dose of the morose cynicism with my SAD winter dip makes me tetchy, bitchy, impatient and apt to take things over-literally and to over-explain things to people who often already know stuff perfectly well. I have a tendency to “walking encyclopaedia”-ism at the best of times, and normally I can keep it in check because I understand that what was kinda cute when I was 8 is annoying as hell in a supposed grown-up. Lately it seems I’m pretty crap at the keeping it in check part.

So, here’s an open apology to anybody whom I’ve taken aback or offended via an overly literal and overly informative response detailing things they already perfectly well knew. Please don’t take it as a personal reflection of any sort of judgement I have about any of you in my head individually, I certainly didn’t intend to condescend, it’s just a really bad ‘splainy habit which I’ve not been watchful enough of lately. For those who’ve felt the brunt of it, I’m sorry I inflicted that upon you.

Thanks to those who have called me on it. I needed calling on it. I promise to work harder on keeping the negativities out of my cyber-life – it can only help my meat-life, yes?

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  1. (((hugs))) Hopefully the sun will come out soon and help you get some of that SAD out of the way. Almost half way through winter, getting there slowly. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. Thanks Mindy. I’ve been assiduously getting out in the sun over the last four lovely sunny days, and I’m sure that’s doing me some good. Not drinking for Dry July is probably also on the whole a good thing.
    I just thought that, since I don’t talk about my mental health issues that often, nor my ASD, that it was worth doing, especially at this time of the year. I suspect that black dog is getting around quite a bit at the moment.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with SAD. I hope the sun comes soon ad your depression lifts. As for walking-encyclopedia-ism, I tend to like tha tin people, so it’s possible you do not annoy exactly everyone you lecture to.

  4. The black dog gets up in my grill a lot, never mind the lack of sun being a bummer.

    I have been a ranting mess of hormones today, I really have, so I feel you, TigTog.

  5. Although this probably isn’t aimed at me, I certainly can’t recall you ever over-explaining something to me, I just wanted to say how much I think you’re a very lovely person.. and if there is someone better suited to running an online forum in terms of their sensitivity, sensibleness, courage, consideration, fairness, and generosity of spirit then I am yet to meet them.
    Hope you’re feeling more up soon.

  6. Thanks all (insert moan about disruption of sleep routines here). bluemilk, especially thank you for saying those kind things – that’s certainly the person I would like to be, I’m just feeling not very much like that right now.
    To anyone else out there feeling a dose of the blues, seasonally related or otherwise, please don’t feel at all pressured to out yourself here, but please do find somebody to talk to about it who’ll do more than just tell you to “pull yourself together” – more people are now aware that it simply isn’t as easy as all that, but sadly there are still some relics that we need to avoid spending time with as much as humanly possible.


    Monday – claims another victim
    (only want the Monday one, I can haz html skillz?)

  8. see more Lolcats and funny pictures
    but… but… but… there’s monday EVERY week…?

  9. Compulsive childish walking encyclopedia-ism that annoys people? I have this issue too (my gf has to stop me a lot) and it seems I hardly meet anyone else who does! Commiserations!
    Blargh, SAD. I had to get out of Melbourne to get rid of it. It got to a point where it was so bad I spent three months in Thailand on a shoestring (ie my pension) to avoid it after a very traumatic winter with it previously. (No one has the winter SADs in Darwin, just mango madness when the buildup hits, which I can sort of cope with.)
    Wait, that sounded like it was all about me. Sorry. I’m trying to sympathise by sharing. Anyway, it sounds like things are pretty difficult at the moment for you, but I reckon struggling to be self-aware really really helps. I hope you feel better soon.

  10. I like people who explain cool stuff, tigtog. Even when it’s something I think I already know, I almost always learn a new angle, or notice something I’d missed. Please don’t stop.

    • SL, thanks. I certainly don’t plan to stop nattering on about stuff I know entirely! Just planning to do a few more reality checks about the audience I’m aiming it at as a general rule.

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