Active management of physicians

Birth International: “The Active Management of Labour”. This is an informative, readable article on a bit of the history of the Dublin protocol of “Active management of labour” (AML), a set of interventions used by hospitals to increase labour ward… Read More ›

Styling womanhood

[Headless Woman – Rodin] The Australian College of Midwives is looking for a new logo. And they’ve been looking for a while. It’s been a long, slow, bumpy process, and they’re now at the point of asking members for ideas…. Read More ›

Another invisible mother

In “Motherless birthing, and the one-way street of obstetric ‘choice’ “, I talked about a news story in which the hero was the person “delivering” the baby on a plane, and the mother was invisible. Well, here’s another one. [image… Read More ›

Speaking Truth

Three pieces of art for you. Cancer Sampler Twisty has an amazing piece of embroidery art up on her blog. For those who don’t know her, Twisty was last year recovering from a debilitating regime of breast cancer treatment when… Read More ›