Things that make no sense to me, #79023

“Grantly Dick-Read, the father of natural childbirth”.

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  1. Yup. Until he came along all those babies were just stuck for eternity inside their mothers.

  2. Of course, Kate.
    Honestly, fair play to the man if he wound back some of the overly-interventionist procedures of the routine control-freakery type versus the occasionally necessary type, but it’s not like he invented women’s bodies just working through the process of birthing.

  3. If there ever was a strict, literal illustration of how patriarchal language works, this is it.

  4. “If there ever was a strict, literal illustration of how patriarchal language works, this is it.”
    Rather, slack journalism leaving out the title ‘ ‘ for the name of the school of this proceedure. Kinda pop-semiotics to me to read too much into this.

  5. Chalkie, I quoted the phrase exactly the way it is used. Do you have some other information you’d like to share with the class?
    It’s also possible you need to go a few levels deeper in your analysis. Even if the phrase was used purely to refer to a specific school of thought, there are problems. For many streams of healthcare and research, men end up taking the credit for discoveries, movements, and methods that were in fact pioneered by women, either in whole or in part. Women’s contributions are erased or downgraded in favour of men. (Medicine is not alone here; there are plenty of similar stories in literature, history, and I’m sure elsewhere as well.) Being a teacher, you’ll be familiar with the story of DNA, for one example.
    “Natural childbirth” is no one single movement; women and midwives have been resisting damaging, paternalistic interventions in childbirth for a long, long time, in many places and in a variety of different ways.

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