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This story was posted to a mailing list a few weeks ago – Online Dating for Orangutans– and provoked this response:

I like long shambles on the beach, quiet evenings in my cage, and hurling excrement. Height and weight proportionate. No gibbons, please.

I wonder how long it would take The Librarian to hook up.

  • (hat-tip: the punalicious Brian)
  • Frogging ahoy!

    Some sinew, some stoush (in a noble cause, natch) and some dusty camaraderie will keep me happily entertained, especially when frogging is involved,

    What a week: Irwin, Thiele and now Brock.

    I just heard on the radio that Peter Brock has been killed in a racing crash.

    All the boys I went to a country town high school with drove V8s, and all of them looked up to Brockie. He stood above the perennial Ford-Holden wars in terms of his racing hero status, partly because of his cool, calm demeanour – Brock was the Bjorn Borg of Australian motor racing

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    A Transhumanist Future?

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    Best. Hoyden. Evah.

    Y.T. Skate-Kourier thrasher teen superbus. (The following book report is ending-spoiler-free.) Quite a few people told me I should read Snowcrash because I love science fiction. Why did none of them tell me I should also read it because one… Read More ›

    SF Sunday

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