Friday night contentment blogging

Mr Tog and the Tigling are off at the rugby watching big strong guys dressed in blue like this try and get a ball up and down the field more often than big strong guys dressed in some other colour.

The Togster and I watched some of the Simpsons marathon and checked out the latest Strongbad email and listened to the rain which is also falling on the big strong guys, and he has now gone to bed. The rain is also falling on my garden, of which my current favorite corner is this:

I am still giggling over this – Shakespeares Sister must be related to Ausculture Jess: here’s Shakes Sis’ photo-dump of A Day in the Life of a Hard-Presidenting Man (hat-tip to Pandagon)

I am about to reacquaint myself with the glories of Bowmore and start reading something I should have read years ago (bad SF fan!), Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash. (hat tip to Hats)

I may not emerge for some time.

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  1. Snowcrash is the best one. Stephenson is god, even if he paused at the same altar as Pynchon and transformed himself into a giant mass of seething words. – barista

  2. I’m getting into it. It’s a rattling good read so far.

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