Stunning News

Guest posted by Kate Harding Item: School childhood obesity programs are failing, experts say Any person looking at the published literature about these programs would have to conclude that they are generally not working, said Tom Baranowski, a pediatrics professor… Read More ›

Engage obstreperal lobes

Lauredhel has updated her post from last month about the lack of transparency surrounding ProLacta’s International Breastmilk Project with the latest news. As thought, they couldn’t lie straight in bed. Feed the wo-orld”¦ one baby, anyhow. UPDATE (8 June 2007)… Read More ›

Breastfeeding Manifesto

That’s the document spearheading a UK campaign from five royal colleges of medicine, nursing and midwifery and backed by UNICEF, which aims to introduce laws supporting breastfeeding mothers by making it an offense for anyone to attempt to stop a… Read More ›