Engage obstreperal lobes

Lauredhel has updated her post from last month about the lack of transparency surrounding ProLacta’s International Breastmilk Project with the latest news. As thought, they couldn’t lie straight in bed.

Feed the wo-orld”¦ one baby, anyhow.

UPDATE (8 June 2007) by Lauredhel: Salon has taken up the story.
Milk Money

After May 31, however, IBMP will send 25 percent of all donations received to Africa, and 75 percent will be sold to Prolacta for $1 an ounce. What kind of profit margin does this mean for Prolacta? Potentially a motherlode. If, as Elster told me, the average donation runs around 180 ounces, then that would mean that 135 ounces (75 percent) “sold” to Prolacta would generate around $4,725 (at $35 an ounce) for the company, or about $3,890 after subtracting the expense of donor processing (about $700 per donor) and the cash payment to IBMP.
Is giving 45 ounces of breast milk at a cost of $135 to African babies really a good exchange rate for a commodity that can deliver $3,890 to a for-profit company?

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