Blog carnivals: linkfests of writing according to a theme

Carnival Time!

The lad is home today, supporting the teacher’s strike, and it’s about a zillion degrees outside. So we’ve settled in for a Scooby Doo marathon. Yoinks! Must make popcorn. Meanwhile, Deborah from In A Strange Land has the 54th Carnival… Read More ›

Skeptic LOLcat

moar funny pictures The 84th Carnival of the Godless is up (has been up for over a week, actually) at Mind on Fire.

Carnival Against Sexual Violence #37

has just been published at Abyss2Hope. There’s a link there to Lauredhel’s post “Naughty little girl”, explains rape apologist Crown Prosecutor in gang rape of ten year old girl , amongst other discussions of the recent furore over the sentencing… Read More ›