Amnesty campaigning on sexual abuse and victim-blaming

Amnesty International Australia has begun to campaign for a national plan of action on sexual abuse, with indigenous representation:

We are outraged at the failure of the Australian legal system to ensure justice and adequate protection for a girl gang raped by nine men. The case sends a message of support for discredited attitudes towards women and girls and creates an environment in which the victim is on trial – not the defendants.


Amnesty International Australia has been campaigning for a National Plan of Action and welcomes the Rudd government’s commitment to a national plan. We are calling on the Australian Government to:

* Ensure the national council to oversee the national plan includes indigenous representation

* Develop a national plan to ensure prosecutors, judges and other personnel are adequately trained in dealing with issues of sexual violence

* Consider the implementation of specialist sexual assault courts, in which child survivors are provided with an advocate.

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2 replies

  1. Thanks for the link to this campaign.

  2. I’m just so glad to see they’re prepared to weigh in on this. I’m particularly interested in the second point, as it has been apparent for years that the judiciary is suffering (or creating suffering) from being completely cut off from the progress in understanding and discourse surrounding rape and sexual abouse. This is stuff that it should be standard for anyone involved in the process to be familiar with, but the ignorance on display has always been gobsmacking. Remember that rash of outrageous comments from judges a few years ago: the “rougher than usual handling”, and “no often subsequently means yes” incidents, just for example?

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