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Paying the price for popularity and success?

How the cost of effective comments moderation led a mainstream publisher to hamstring one of their most effective click-generators: without the usual hundreds of comments piling up at a rate of knots, how many people will keep on clicking through repeatedly to Bolt’s posts?

Deleting blog comments: exercise of Property Rights vs Free Speech

This accusation of suppressing speech online keeps on coming up (it’s a fundamental plank in the ongoing FTBullies smear campaign): the allegedly terrible awful no-good horrible “crime” of deleting comments on a blog. To which I say bah humbug pish tosh harrumph and quote a 2010 comment here: you have a right to access the Internet, not to access my audience via my resources.

On not buying into the LULZer playbook at FtB (or anywhere) #WeLoveFTB

In a truly rational world, it might be possible to substantively and productively explore the pros and cons of competing positions in good faith and reach a nuanced understanding and a mutually satisfying path forward. Unfortunately the “don’t give disproportionate emphasis to sexism” side has basically been hijacked by a bunch of bad faith contrarians…