Quickhit: “No personal attacks” is not neutral

By The Wasp at The Feminist Hivemind: ‘ “No personal attacks” is not neutral’:

“[…] When ours are the bodies at risk, and our views are expressions of self-defense, there is no distinction between attacking those views and attacking us personally.

In other words, a space that permits the expression of views that oppress and harm people but which does not permit ‘personal attacks’ is a fundamentally unbalanced one. […]

While the use of such rules may still be necessary and advisable in some spaces, it is important in creating a progressive space to take into account the disproportionate power to harm and protection from retribution that is afforded by privilege in such an environment, and to counteract it as much as possible.”


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  1. Great link Lauredhel, thanks for that. Going to take some time to think that over.

  2. Those are particularly important points for anybody who moderates a busy forum – it’s too easy for someone to coolly and rationally perpetuate oppressive views without using personal attacks, and it’s too easy for that to slide under the radar.


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