Video: Learning Gender from Ads for Toys

These ads not only market toys to children but it also promotes and encourages gender specific values that are very limiting to boys and girls in different ways. The values and skills promoted in these commercials can play a critical role in the socalization of youth and their development of emotional expression, conflict resolution, the confidence to pursue various careers and the ability to maintain healthy relationships as adults.

Energy Saving

There is a lot of talk about carbon prices and electricity prices going on at the moment and a study has just been released that says because an ETS wasn’t introduced the price of electricity is going to rise. So… Read More ›

Endangered Sunday: Bluefin Tuna

With stocks of Atlantic bluefin tuna down 75 per cent due to over-fishing, the European Commission said the trade ban’s rejection threatened the survival of the ocean predator. Environmental group Greenpeace also warned the vote ”sets the species on a pathway to extinction”.

Not friends again

This article in The Australian by Rosemary Neill is more a report on the lay of the land than a way forward but what it does do is spell out nicely the latest split to occur in feminism. Once again… Read More ›