Surely the longest bow ever drawn

(This is about a rape joke, so usual trigger warnings apply, though trust me, you will get the last laugh).

This article on

The state government is urging Queensland clothing stores not to sell a t-shirt depicting a woman bound and gagged, with the slogan ‘‘Relax, it’s just sex’’.

Minister for Women Karen Struthers today called on retailers to immediately remove the item, saying it suggested “sexual assaults on women are acceptable’’.

“The shirts, which show a woman blood-soaked, bound and gagged, are extremely disturbing,’’ she said. “I understand that people are free to express themselves as they chose, but these images cross the line in my view.’’

The confronting image is printed on the front and back of the predominantly black t-shirts.

The t-shirts are the product of US pornographic magazine Hustler, created by controversial publisher Larry Flynt, and have been sold in stores in Toowoomba and Brisbane.

Received this comment in response:

As much as I hate and would never wear something like that.
I still feel that it should be a citizens right to be able to wear what we want.
Our sons fought against communism and tyranny in many wars, we have lost many lives fighting for this freedom that we enjoy.

Don’t say to the fallen soldiers that we don’t care for their sacrifice.
Don’t let the government control every facet of our lives.
Sure the T-shirts are sick, but it’s an individuals choice and it’s really not hurting anyone.

Nathan | Graceville! – October 29, 2010, 8:43AM

Hah! Something to consider next Remembrance Day. Wear a poppy or a crass, misogynist t-shirt. Same same. The Diggers know what you mean.

(Also, note that nowhere in the article does the Minister for Women suggest “banning the t-shirt” and yet that is where commenters are directing their outrage).

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  1. C iting the “right” to wear a violent rape advocacy t shirt as something servicemen & women fought and died for. Really. If someone on the left tried that on people would be screaming “false equivalence” and “how dare you cheapen our servicepeoples’ sacrifice” quicker than you could say “double standards”.

  2. Apparently being expected to blithely serve a customer wearing this t-shirt would not be tyrannous.
    Why is ‘freedom of speech’ so often used to excuse ‘saying things that hurt and upset people’? It’s not ‘just sex’ and they’re not ‘just words’ or ‘just pictures’.

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