Not just ‘trolls’ stirring the pot: these bullies intend to silence through intimidation

cyberbullies again

DeviousDiva, a pseudonymous British expat living and blogging in Greece, has been harassed by Greek nationalist bloggers, threatening to out her, for writing a series on the maltreatment of the Roma in Athens. Thankfully the major culprit blog has now… Read More ›

Jessica Valenti on cyberbullying

Jessica Valenti, the executive editor at Feministing, writes in The Guardian on cyberbullying in light of the threats made against Kathy Sierra. Valenti had her own problems with online harassment last year after attending a bloggers’ lunch with former President… Read More ›

Cyberbullying watch: Duke edition

Most of you probably know about the Kathy Sierra death-threats episode that has left her fearing for her safety, her blog shut down and her life a mess. (Above link and rest-of-this-post trigger warning: disturbing content, misogynistic violent threats.) Some… Read More ›

Stopping cyberbullying

Kathy Sierra, writing about how she has cancelled an upcoming conference speech and other engagements due to overwhelming fear following hate-speech and threats directed at her online. The threats were at a sufficiently high level that Sierra has reported them to the police and apparently the FBI is investigating them, because making death threats online, just as in “real life”, is a crime.