We are abandoned

news.com.au: “Wheelchair-bound man left halfway up Mount Snowdon” [via whooz_queen] A wheelchair-bound man suffered mild exposure after being abandoned halfway up a mountain by a group of charity climbers who gave up carrying him. The 31-year-old man was left sitting… Read More ›

We are dying

We are dying, and apparently it’s our own damn fault. As pointed to by Deborah in the latest Otterday thread, scooter users in Australia are dying. We are dying because footpaths obstructed by cars and tree prunings and rubbish force… Read More ›


We interrupt your regular schedule of ranting, rainbows, and roundups for this important announcement: Scoot! Whee! Zing! Audience Participation Component: – It doesn’t have a name yet. – I am not planning to “pimp” it (shudder), but recommendations for Aussie… Read More ›