QOTD: Pinkification

Any explanation of pink preference that is handed to children by the society they live in and only looks at the last hundred years, and calls itself “evolutionary psychology”, is blatantly misunderstanding both words in its title.

Satoshi Kanazawa is still a jackass

Every few months I read about some turds dropped by this evolutionary psychologist and his penchant for spectacularly prejudiced Just So stories. This week he let us know that he’s absolutely sure that the whole world agrees with him that black women are “objectively” uglier than other women.

Quickhit: Read this instead

Instead of what, you ask? Instead of the latest trollery from an evpsych twonk I won’t bother linking to because he’s successfully managed to get plenty of feminist blogs to link to him already, that’s what.

Debunking differences

Get your Gender Essentialist bingo cards ready, but this time so that we can cross off various myths being vigorously debunked. First the headline and teaser: The difference myth We shouldn’t believe the increasingly popular claims that boys and girls… Read More ›