BFTP: Slash and Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity

Like all good evolutionary psychologists who focus on gender, Don hasn’t bothered to talk to any actual *whispers* women. Especially not to any women who write and/or study this, erm, *whispers* smut. Because women can’t define their own experience, can’t tell their own stories, can’t have any useful insights into their own motivations. Because women’s fan academia doesn’t really exist in any meaningful sense, not until chest-beaters come along and put their stamp of Knowledge onto it. Because women’s culture is there to be picked apart with tweezers and analysed with a touch of distanced fascination, a modicum of distaste, and a whopping serve of wilful ignorance. For lo, he has Teh Magick Testicles of Perspicacity. Here, let him show you them.

Essentialism damages, even kills

Is this becoming a pattern in Australian heterosexual behaviour, and criminal sentencing? 1. A dysfunctional couple have a child. The dad just decides he’ll opt out of the child care role. 2. The mum is such an abominable carer that… Read More ›

Quickhit: Read this instead

Instead of what, you ask? Instead of the latest trollery from an evpsych twonk I won’t bother linking to because he’s successfully managed to get plenty of feminist blogs to link to him already, that’s what.