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BFTP | Bless: they’re still confused about weather vs climate

The original version of this post was published almost exactly 4 years ago (2010-01-11) when extreme storms and snow caused havoc in Western Europe. Given that many of the same “so where’s your global warming now?” gotcha tropes are flying around again since the severe cold weather hit Northern America this week, it seems like it needs repeating.


Like many folks with online friends in the North-East of the USA, I’ve been watching the weather reports with great big saucer eyes.

Keep safe, and if you feel like it, please drop a comment here telling us how you’re going.

Perth Stormageddon Thread redux

We’re getting a fair few hits on a post of Lauredhel’s about storms around Perth in 2010. Here’s a new post to discuss the south-western Western Australia storms from the past weekend. Our thoughts are with our friends and the 27,000 homes currently without power in WA.

Thread: US Tornados

DEADLY tornados and flash floods flattened buildings and overturned vehicles yesterday as major storms churned through the south of the US, with the death toll surpassing 220 people.