Please tell me this site is a wind-up. Image source: screenshot from H/t to commentor Zwilnik at LP.

Lame jokes

I’m looking at you, Pavlov… Once there was a boy who had no arms, legs, or torso. In other words – he was a head. He used to roll to school, and roll home again. He was teased unmercifully, and… Read More ›

Abstaining from reality

A harrowingly detailed post from TerranceDC of The Republic of T (the post-title is his) about the way that AIDS education and prevention programmes worldwide, but especially in Africa, have been sabotaged by the Bush Administration’s insistence on not only… Read More ›

Jerry Falwell, dead aged 73

So he got his threescore years and ten, then. TANJ, except that he simply won’t get the glorious afterlife he’s been expecting. The Carpetbagger Report has a timeline of various highlights of his bigoted authoritarian ranting career. (via Ginmar)