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  1. I mis-read the URL as ‘Marry Your Daughter’ and thought ‘obvious windup’ but then I saw what it was really and .. .
    Yeah. We’re doomed.

  2. Yeah. We’re doomed.

    Maybe not. If I didn’t have the headcold from hell I’d have checked Snopes before posting.

  3. This is ALMOST unbelievable, but truly, nothing religious freaks do surprises me at this point. I loved the testimonials:
    “Thank God for your site! Our daughter was really nervous walking down the aisle, but she seems okay now and the money we got let us keep our farm and even add on a few acres.”
    “”Mrs. Addrien L.
    “I was SO scared getting married so young, but my husband is an okay guy and I am SO proud that because of me my parents were able to get their first brand-new car and take the trip they always wanted to. I couldn’t have done it without your site!”
    “”Katrina K., married at 14
    Yea! She got an “okay guy” and her parents got a new car and a vacation. Now that’s a win-win situation! And to think, my parents are currently saving up for my upcoming wedding, hmm, better not show them this website.

  4. Not only that, but a quick read of the names of the staff and also the testimonials page leaves a distinct sense of wind-up. For example:
    ”At first we were worried that Janine was too young to get married, but then her new husband bought her a house and a car and jewelry and the money we got let us buy a house for ourselves. Getting out of the trailer park at our age was the best thing that ever happened to us, and it’s all thanks to Marry Our Daughter!”
    “”Mr. Jack M.

    Interestingly there is a “Jarrod” in a UK band called “Hightower Staff”. A connection? Who knows?
    The site is well constructed, though – even the links to Biblical references to bride-price take you to a legitimate and respected Bible resources site. I’m betting they’re not impressed to be linked with such rubbish.

  5. I wonder if someone just chose to use the name Jarrod Hightower because it’s distinctive with a slight could-be-biblical flavour? It seems odd that a UK musician, even if he was also a satirist, would put together such a US-centric site.
    Oh well, whoever it is is certainly getting their 15 minutes of Interweb fame for the site.

  6. heh, hey– it IS a prank, i just read about it this morning. they were then pitching it to radio hosts of the “shock jock” variety to have people call in about. i guess the intent was to conjure up a jolly round of controversy and not much more, idunno.
    was just browsing after reading your post on changing-your-name etc. and i think i kind of love that denevy woman.

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