Kevin Rudd

The Web isn’t like movies

Clive Hamilton, “public intellectual”, has been banging on about how wrong wrongitty wrong anti-censorship advocates are. Clive has been stampily regurgitating the mantra of the censors: “I have heard no one argue that films, television, books and magazine should be… Read More ›

Rudd’s rattling Turnbull

Kevin Rudd’s popularity has increased, with the latest Nielsen poll indicating that his handling of the global financial crisis (GFC) wins especially high approval, putting his personal approval rating at a personal best of 71%. Labor as a whole is… Read More ›

Acknowledgement and Apology

This post is being continually updated with links to commentary on the Apology Today, for the first time, indigenous people performed a Welcome to Country ceremony at the Opening of the Parliament of Australia. Kevin Rudd’s hope is that this… Read More ›

Go go Gillard

As every media outlet cannot tire of telling us, today is the first day in Australia’s history when we will have a female (acting) Prime Minister, and as they are equally quick to reassure us, it’s only going to be… Read More ›