Kevin Rudd

Gillard departs graciously

Julia Gillard is incredibly brave, astoundingly resilient, one of the toughest people we have seen in The Lodge. Through all the difficulties of her prime ministership she was stoic, dignified, composed, resilient. She departed in that style on Wednesday night…. Read More ›

Politics vs Policy: how superficial gamesmanship steals our future

This should be shaping up as the real issue in the upcoming Federal election – for both the PM and the Leader of the opposition. What do either of them really offer for the future of Australia? Sadly, how would we know, when the media encourages both of them to “win the week’s news headlines” instead of pushing for bigger goals and the comprehensive plans to make them happen?

Rudd v. Abbott at the Press Club

Knowing the opponents as we do, I’m predicting that Abbott will probably have more zinger soundbites and that Rudd will have more grasp of the figures and keep on bring it back to Abbott’s lack of any comprehensive policy at all.

Canberra’s great communicators

I have found the last few weeks of relentless spin about Rudd’s sudden transition from last year’s alleged cynical spinmeister whose soundbites mesmerised a malleable public to this year’s alleged droning word-salad-tosser who can’t convey his vision to the voters to be the most tedious period of media non-analysis for years.

The great Leader of the Opposition yawnfest

Rudd has so effectively wedged the Libs on virtually every issue of importance over the last year that they simply might as well not even bother turning up to the House, and I don’t think that’s a good thing for our system of government at all. I wish we actually had a more effective Federal Opposition (one here in NSW would be good as well), because I’m a firm believer that those holding the reins of government ought to be scrutinised and challenged effectively on a regular basis.