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The ten questions I would most like Labor MPs to be asking themselves

The often reliable Leigh Sales has a piece in The Drum listing “The ten questions Labor MPs are asking themselves”. Sadly, yet unsurprisingly, all ten pertain to the leadership of the party. Sales doesn’t seem to consider it even a possibility that anyone is allocating any brain space to policy or governing the country. Now, as much as it is a depressing thought, I acknowledge that there is every chance she is right. But as a reporter with a substantial platform, she has a choice about where to direct the conversation. She could, for instance, be inviting responses to these, alternative, questions, that Labor MPs have every reason to be asking themselves.

Supporting an apology

Photo from GetUp! Here’s the text of the e-mail I just sent to my MP: I just wish to offer my support for the Labor government’s decision to take the hugely symbolic and just action of apologising on behalf of… Read More ›