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Here’s the text of the e-mail I just sent to my MP:

I just wish to offer my support for the Labor government’s decision to take the hugely symbolic and just action of apologising on behalf of the national government for the policies of the past which led to the suffering of the Stolen Generations, and that you have decided to make it the first act of the very first day of parliament.

I wish to thank the Labor government sincerely for doing the right thing here. However, it’s only the first step.

The Bringing Them Home report made many recommendations for how to move forward to proper reconciliation and healing for the Stolen Generation. I hope the new government finally pushes for full implementation of the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home report.

(Then there’s sorting out the mess that the NT intervention legislation has made of the 97 recommendations of the Little Children Are Sacred report! Let’s not leave that legislation in place so that another government has to make another apology to this generation of NT children.)

My thoughts and hopes are with you and your fellow parliamentarians as you tackle the enormous workload required to Get Things Done and Do Things Right. We are counting on you.

You too can send an email to your MP by using GetUp’s handy form that fills in your MP’s details and email address just from you entering your postcode.

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  1. I thought my MP probably wouldn’t have appreciated a reworking of this with his face on it instead, but I was tempted:

  2. I went to see Billy Bragg last night, when he mentioned the apology the crowd roared it’s approval, and I burst into tears.
    This is the first time in my adult life that I don’t feel either embarrassed or flat out ashamed of my government. Don’t fuck it up Kevin.

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