larvatus prodeo

Denialism and climate change

Having only so many endlessly whirling arguments to devote my time to, I haven’t written hardly anything on the issues of climate change and the vagaries of the denialists here in yonks. I’m not going to write anything in particular… Read More ›

Roundup: 2020 summit

There hasn’t been as much coverage of the summit around the blogs as I expected (not yet anyway). LP has had plenty of threads, of which I think the standout is this one. TimT suggests that the photo of Rudd… Read More ›

Condemn it, you know you want to

Need to vent? Larvatus Prodeo has posted another in our irregular series of Open Condemnation threads (these are non-stoush threads, meant to amuse, OK?). My favourite so far: I condemn snooty MSM op-ed types that couldn’t think for themselves if… Read More ›