Denialism and climate change

Having only so many endlessly whirling arguments to devote my time to, I haven’t written hardly anything on the issues of climate change and the vagaries of the denialists here in yonks. I’m not going to write anything in particular today either, but I want to plug Brian Bahnisch’s series of posts from the last few months over at Larvatus Prodeo.

Brian takes a great deal of care over laying out the facts and pointing out where high profile denialists are glossing over trends and cherry-picking the data. Well worth a read.

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  1. One of the locals standing for council election has come out as a Climate Change Denialist. Won’t be voting for him.
    Also, why no comments on the front page?

  2. why no comments on the front page?

    Which front page?

  3. When I first click onto the site there are no comments. If I follow one of the links then the recent comments column comes up. I’m pretty sure that yesterday the recent comments came up on the first page (ie page on which all the latest posts are listed). Am I making sense?

  4. Sorry, Mindy – I’m still not with you. I still don’t know whether you mean here or at LP, and I’m seeing the recent comments module in the sidebar on both those front pages anyway.

  5. I know what Mindy’s talking about – today instead of latest comments appearing on the right-hand side next to the text, you’ve had to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and they’re on the left hand side, under all the posts. Weird.

  6. OK, that must have been a browser specific thing. I’ve moved the wide video from Lauredhel’s journalism post behind a [continue reading] cut – does that help?

  7. Yep, fixed. Sorry, Tigtog I didn’t make myself clear enough. Thank you Rebekka for sorting that out.

  8. Back on topic with global warming: an ice shelf larger than the island of Manhattan has broken away from Ellesmere Island in the Arctic circle.

    [BBC News article]

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