Men Who Dance

Why is it not absolutely commonplace for little boys to be taken to dance class, the way it is for little girls? Imagine what a disaster it would be if we were to end up in a world with no Leading Men Who Dance.

Masculinity and the fear of losing it

It took becoming a mother of a son for me to realise just how fearful the world is of losing masculinity. I mean, god knows there are lots of rules about gender binary and how girls and women perform femininity, too, but I don’t think we’re as frightened of femininity being corrupted and lost as we are of masculinity being diluted.

Video: Learning Gender from Ads for Toys

These ads not only market toys to children but it also promotes and encourages gender specific values that are very limiting to boys and girls in different ways. The values and skills promoted in these commercials can play a critical role in the socalization of youth and their development of emotional expression, conflict resolution, the confidence to pursue various careers and the ability to maintain healthy relationships as adults.

Friday Hoyden: Nancy Bird Walton, by Guest Hoyden Chally

Nancy Bird Walton, AO, OBE, DStJ, Dame of the Knights of Malta, was a legendary pilot and about as hoydenish as it gets. At age 19, she became the first Australian female pilot to receive her commercial license. She went on to be instrumental in running early outback air ambulance services in New
South Wales and commandant of the Women’s Air Training Corps during WWII as well as founder and long-time president of the Australian Women Pilots’ Association. I’m tearing up as I tell you that she died on Tuesday afternoon in her home in Mosman, northern Sydney.

Jim Beam demonstrates just how much men want to hate us

A note to Jim Beam: If you are so embarrassed about these ads that you don’t want anyone to see them, to the point that you’re chasing fair use political commenters from video hosting site to video hosting site with your DMCA heavies, how about issuing a formal, sincere apology instead? A company that doesn’t want anyone actually seeing their ads. Interesting.


As tigtog said, people are up in arms about the “The Neighbours” commercial from purveyors of bad bourbon and toxic masculinity, Jim Beam.

Misogyny hurting men

Here’s an example of misogyny hurting men — because the ultimate put-down of a man is to equate him to a woman. If we fight [for] the idea that being a woman is not something to be sneered at, we… Read More ›