Labyrinth As Feminist Myth

Despite its potential, feature movie fantasy hasn’t traditionally been the go-to genre for feminist fiction.

Enter Labyrinth, in 1986.

Jennifer Connelly is an absolute joy as teenage protagonist Sarah Williams, discovering her power – not just the power to solve the labyrinth of the title, but the power to resist the coercion of David Bowie’s illusionist Goblin King, Jareth. Sarah solves puzzles, makes friends, and navigates her way through a series of illusions and temptations, culminating in her rejection of the King’s power in a maze of Escher staircases.

What way do you see her spin?

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Hypocrite Watch: Ben Stein et al

Bunch of uptight chaps make a documentary (Expelled) about how academia is repressing the rough and tumble of free speech about biological evolution (they think evolution is a pernicious myth). Same bunch of uptight chaps hold “press conferences” where instead… Read More ›