Femmostroppo Reader October 28, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed-reader. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Amanda Redman’s scars
  • I just love it that she doesn’t want to hide the scars, and that the people producing her TV shows don’t want them hidden either. I also love that the scars are neither explained nor discussed in the shows I’ve seen her in. These things happen; why should it be remarkable that they happened to her characters?

  • Bad Boys and "Mad Men": What Do Women Want?
  • It’s possible that the tiniest sliver of the Don Draper fantasy is really about wanting to spread Jon Hamm on a biscuit and eat him up for breakfast. Maybe just a skosh. [end sarcasm] As Marcotte pointed out: Do we really think women all over the country would be drooling over Don Draper if he was played by Ron Howard?

  • Columbia's "rape me" controversy
  • An utter lack of judgment and an embarrassingly complete sense of tunnel vision.

  • In Case You Were Ever Under the Misapprehension That Thin Privilege Doesn't Exist…
  • it’s infuriating that Instant compounds the problem, making it easier for bigots to find the sneering that they’re looking for, and harder for those of us who just want to find a damn pair of hiking boots.

  • Today in Fat Hatred
  • They are people who don’t understand the world is filled with bigoted assholes who have absolutely no compunction about unapologetically expressing their seething contempt, naked hostility, and rank hatred for fat people, right out in public.

  • Schneider on “Why do Women Hate Negotiating?”
  • – Food for thought

  • Marie Claire's size-ism controversy
  • Nobody should get paid to say he or she is scared of Muslims or is grossed out by fat people. And if you actually feel that way, keep it to yourself. Those are hateful, hurtful statements, and when someone makes them, it is acceptable, nay, imperative, for the rest of us to point it out. It is reasonable to say, we will not support this.

  • I'm thinking on the nature of apologies…
  • – Beyond the etiquette to the expectations attached to apologies…

  • Midterms and madness
  • To argue against the plunder, the pillage is to threaten economic prosperity, to threaten jobs. Lies, such lies. The capital investment in resource extraction is extremely inefficient in terms of job creation. As so many communities have discovered, the few short term jobs are more than offset by the jobs lost in tourism or agriculture as the Hunter Valley has so brutally experienced. Jobs which never come back to wastelands the miners leave behind.

  • On Muslim women having agency
  • One of the major reasons cited in proposing these bans is a wish for everyone to assimilate: fear of the other. […] you want to ban a significant part of people’s cultures and religion, and you’re the ones who feel threatened? Go sit in a corner or something until you learn the errors of your ways, because that is simply amazing.

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