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SIgnal Boosting: Surly Amy’s Skeptic and Atheist Do Better Challenge

As an atheist, I do not get to find solace in the idea that I have an afterlife to plan for. I have to make peace with the idea that this one life is all that I have and that every single solitary moment counts right now. It counts in moments, that are slowly ticking away. And while I also have to realize that while there is no God keeping track of those moments and my actions within them, that none-the-less they matter.

Deleting blog comments: exercise of Property Rights vs Free Speech

This accusation of suppressing speech online keeps on coming up (it’s a fundamental plank in the ongoing FTBullies smear campaign): the allegedly terrible awful no-good horrible “crime” of deleting comments on a blog. To which I say bah humbug pish tosh harrumph and quote a 2010 comment here: you have a right to access the Internet, not to access my audience via my resources.

Yes, you are awful too

Kate Harding: if your solution to sexist abuse on the internet is, “Just don’t let anyone know your gender, or see a picture of you, or ever mention where you live”, you are so fucking awful, I can’t even.


J K Rowling has announced on YouTube more details about her plans for the Pottermore website – “a unique online reading experience”

A few questions for Hoydenizens

Todays guest poster is Liz, who is generally a Lurker. Liz asked us “Would you be willing to throw a few questions to the readers of Hoyden About Town for me?”, so Liz’s questions are now this post.

I’m wondering if you could help me out here? I’m doing a write-up on feminist blogs and online communities for this