Podcast: “Decommodifying Feminism” Panel at #FWF16

I spent last Friday meeting many wonderful women before and after this Feminist Writers Festival panel discussion, including finally meeting co-blogger BlueMilk (Andie Fox) in person! Andie convened and chaired the panel and said embarrassingly gratifying things about me before and afterwards.  The other panellist Petra Bueskens and I were introduced to each other about 5 minutes before the panel started, but our discussion was nonetheless pleasingly relaxed: Andie had prepared some great starting points, the audience was engaging and asked some really interesting questions, so the hour just flew by, at the end it felt like we were only really just getting started on the best bits. So, plenty of ideas left for the next one!

Decommodifying feminism

What happens when feminism gets too cosy with capitalism? In an
era when we tend to focus on individual expression, it could be
argued that feminism is seen more as an identity than as
philosophical framework. Is this all bad? How do we find a path
back to collective action and care? And is all ‘internet feminism’
preoccupied with personality and likeability?

The podcast is available via Sonja Hammer at the BROAD JOY949 website. I can’t find a transcript available yet, apologies.

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