Spoonbill Spat

A “pictmotion” slideshow of some shots I took on yesterday’s walk – one peacefully wading spoonbill was interrupted by the arrival of another, and then the fight was on!

Today in old photos

We watched a doco about the wildlife of Iguaçu Falls on ABC1, and it brought back memories of our own honeymoon 20 years ago where we spent some time in South America.


From the photographic series, The Girl Who Loves to Levitate by Natsumi Hayashi. “We are all surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the forces of earth’s gravity,” Natsumi says when asked why she took on the series…. Read More ›

Happy Solstice Day!

The December solstice happened about twelve minutes ago as I compose this post (2010-12-21 23:38 Universal Time). APOD, as per usual, has the solstice goodies:

Summer Spider Blogging

Since summer has begun, to my delight and my partner’s chagrin, our little courtyard has been filled with spiders. Although they are taking up a lot of space on my washing line, I am reluctant to deprive them of the… Read More ›