Obligatory holiday snaps

I’ve just put Day 1 (in Paris) up on Flickr (the edited highlights). We arrived the day before but just had time to check in at the hotel, relax a little then head across town to meet up with Sprog the Younger for dinner, and I didn’t bother with the camera until we started doing the touristy bit.

Here is probably the artiest shot I took all trip:

spotlight beams

Here’s what those floodlights are illuminating:

the illuminated interior space of the Eiffel Tower

P.S. And here’s a later shot of the whole thing with the hourly flashing bling going wild.

flashing light show over the Eiffel Tower

The rest of the trip will go up day by day in my Europe-2010 Flickr-set.

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  1. Oh My God So Gorgeous. Paris is such an exciting city, you really brought me straight back there with these photos – and that first arty one – Beautiful!!

    • We were most fortunate this time around in Paris that a few things we’d missed on previous trips fell into our lap on such a brief stay – the queues on a rainy Sunday evening were short enough that we actually went to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the first time (and going at dusk to watch the lights come up must surely be the best possible time to be there, which was pure serendipity), and we managed to flow into the Mona Lisa room at the Louvre just as the crowd ebbed so that we got right up close. We missed out on the Musee Quai d’Orsay though (I overlooked the detail that it’s closed on Mondays) – next time.
      The rest of our trip was about seeing other places in France – must put more pics up!

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