Myths about alpha males redux

“Of course, even if the lupine origins of the alpha-male trope weren’t obsolete, the notion that the term can even apply to human social structures is inherently absurd.”

BFTP: The myth of bra burning feminists

In 1968, some activists demonstrated against the Miss America beauty pageant and threw objects of “female oppression” – bras, high-heeled shoes, girdles, curlers – into a trash can. They were arguing about liberation – there was never any bra-burning – but the myth of the feminist as a bra-burner was created by the western media. There was also a crucial word missed in the description of the trashed bras.

The more things change…

Thucydides, describing what happened when the Hellenes’ Great War veterans came home from the battlefields –
Quoted by commentor at Juan Cole’s blog back in January, but I didn’t end up posting it then. Just observing various blogstoushes has prompted me to post it now.

Today in Just Not Getting It

Who knew that advocating for single mothers to be NOT shamed and for their children to be adequately supported by society was tantamount to claiming that single motherhood was “the most advanced, liberating experience on the planet akin to putting a man on the moon”?