Quote of the Day: martial language vs eliminationist rhetoric

The problem is not martial language. The problem is the discussion of martial solutions, mentioned as actual policy options. That’s what “eliminationist rhetoric” means, you weaseling fucks.

ADDENDUM: Sarah Palin fans the heated rhetoric flames by playing the victim card and describing criticism as a “blood libel”. Seriously.

Cardinal George Pell, humbug

He’s at it again: Faithless are coarse, uncaring and without purpose, says Cardinal Pell. Most of it’s typical tosh. We’re all utterly miserable hedonists, apparently. He even goes Godwin on us:

Hitchens on Palin

Watch how a real maverick works. The emphasis on experience is in many ways the wrong one (rather as it has been when directed at Sen. Barack Obama). The problem with Gov. Palin is not that she lacks experience. It’s… Read More ›


What would Tiananmen Tank Man Do?

I don’t think he’d watch the Olympics. Of course I can’t know this, because we don’t know who he was, whether he is still alive, or whether he would actually be an enormous fan of the Olympics right now.

Still, I am not watching these Olympics, simply because I can’t square my conscience with supporting the regime’s propaganda exercise.