reproductive justice

Blogging for Choice: Trusting Women

Choice here is not just about the choice to terminate an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy. It is also about the choice to continue a pregnancy when others would rather that you did not (a situation that many disabled women in particular find themselves in). It is also about the choice to raise or relinquish the child once it has been born.

Friday Hoyden: Sister Donna Quinn

Sister Donna Quinn, a Dominican nun, has been involved in pro-choice activism in the United States for many years. From escorting women into clinics and protesting anti-choice legislation to fighting for women’s access to all levels of the religious hierarchy,… Read More ›

Word of the Day – Hyperbole

Hyperbole (pronounced /ha??p??b?li/ hye-PER-buh-lee; “HYE-per-bowl” is a common mispronunciation) comes from ancient Greek “????????” (meaning excess or exaggeration) and is a figure of speech in which statements are exaggerated. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create… Read More ›

Things annoying me today

Firstly this headline “Ten-year-olds given permission to marry”.  It’s not about ten year olds wanting to get married, it’s about ten year old girls being given to fifty year old men as wives. FFS MSM tell it like it really is.

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot of ten year olds at the moment, but remembering back when I was ten I wasn’t in any hurry to get married, and certainly