Rally for Abortion Rights

On October the 9th this year, there is a National Day of Action being held in support of the Cairns couple who face legal action over sourcing RU486 from overseas, and in solidarity with Queensland women more generally.

It’s also a reminder that in NSW and Queensland, abortion remains listed in the criminal code. Whilst the majority of women who have abortions will not face legal action, this is a matter of a loophole, not of law. When we faced down a potential Abbott government, this fact made me realise how precarious these kinds of legalities can make our rights; this is only reinforced by the fact that the Cairns couple face criminal abortion charges, not charges related to accessing pharmaceuticals across national borders. It also means that cheap and accessible terminations are very far from a matter of course, especially for those women living in regional areas, who often face transport and accommodation costs in addition to the expense of a fairly dear medical procedure.

There will be rallies held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, with vigils held in Cairns from 8am-6pm outside the Magistrates’ Court from the 11th October (the beginning of the trial) everyday until the end of the trial.

Rallies are located as follows:

In Brisbane on Saturday October 9, 1pm in Queens Park (corner George & Elizabeth sts). Contact: Pro-Choice Action Collective.
In Sydney on October 9 at 12 noon at Town Hall. Contact: Women’s Abortion Action Campaign (Wear purple in solidarity!).
In Melbourne on October 9 at 12 noon at Parliament House. Contact: Radical Women.
In Perth on October 8, 5:30pm at Murray St Mall.

N.B. Contact details for all rallies are listed here.

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  1. Hey guys, talking about abortion rallies, check out
    and http://40daysforlife.com/adelaide/
    These guys are hanging outside clinics, praying and singing hymns and holding anti-abortion signs. If you have the time, head down to these (and bring friends) to counter protest them, in support of the clinics and women’s rights to choose. University of Adelaide students are heading down to the Pregnancy Advisory Centre at Woodville Park weekly, but we’d love it if other people could show up when we can’t get there. The local council and centre really appreciate it.

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