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Letters to Tiptree: what does it mean to “write like a man”?

In Letters to Tiptree, forty writers, editors, critics, and fans address questions of gender, of sexuality, of the impossibility and joy of knowing someone only through their fiction and biography. They reminisce about the impact of Tiptree’s work, about teaching her stories, and about what it means that a woman can write “like a man”.

Friday Hoyden: Trillian

I’m feeling a bit Life, the Universe and Everything this week, so our Friday Hoyden is the space-hopping astrophysicist heroine of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, Trisha McMillan, aka Trillian.

Friday Hoydens: Women of Firefly

Zoe, Kaylee, River and Inara. The four graces. Different talents, different struggles, different features, different life experiences. Same life-affirming energy. I wish we could have heard more of their stories, and maybe one day I will get around to reading… Read More ›

Outland Open Thread: Episodes 1 and 2

Last week saw the premiere of a new Australian comedy, Outland, penned by John Richards and Adam Richard, which focuses on the lives of a club for gay sci-fi geeks (or “science fiction enthusiast homosexualists” as club member Rae would prefer).

Hugo Awards

The Hugo nominations are out! The full list is below.

Any favourites? Any surprises? Any rejoicing at the rather marvellous gender balance? (Is this the first time with this many women? Has anyone done the maths? And check out that Best Novel category!) Any unrejoicing about the lack of racial balance (I think, and project from past experience; for many of these authors, I don’t know how they identify when it comes to race.) Other comments? What category are you watching the closest?