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Blogging for choice

I’ll probably be doing a belated entry on this topic, as I’m still marshalling my thoughts (attempting to pummel them into some cogency actually) on the deceptively simple topic – why exactly am I pro-choice? Anna put up a top… Read More ›

Just don’t mention the boyfriend

Hey news media: what’s wrong with being gay? asks Pam Spaulding, noting that the American news media have a double standard about discussing the domestic relationships of political figures. If the pollie is straight then family life is part of… Read More ›

Reproductive Freedoms roundup

Australia’s abortion healthcare is superior but improvement has stalled due to stigmas on training programmes: It shows that the most common [abortion] complications occur far less frequently in Australia than in other western countries. Only 0.2 of every 1,000 abortions… Read More ›

Just a word?

Brooklynite offers some thoughts on what civil unions laws in the US will mean for the common language usage of “married”. Two years after the decision: “My friend Kyle got married last weekend.” “What? I thought he was gay?” “Oh,… Read More ›