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Breastfeeding Manifesto

That’s the document spearheading a UK campaign from five royal colleges of medicine, nursing and midwifery and backed by UNICEF, which aims to introduce laws supporting breastfeeding mothers by making it an offense for anyone to attempt to stop a… Read More ›

GetUp! Voices for Transparency

From GetUp! , regarding their campaign to ensure that deceptive “pregnancy counselling” services are legally required to be honest up-front about their anti-abortion stance: When GetUp! and Reproductive Choice Australia began this campaign last year, nearly 20,000 of you signed… Read More ›

A parenting wake-up call

It’s always been my philosophy to provide both my kids with a comprehensive sexual health and safety education to supplement the already good school program in NSW. My parents did that for me, and it made me confident about demanding… Read More ›