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SF Sunday: cult SF films

This topic seems timely given the discovery of a full-length version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis that had been disregarded for years in the archives of a museum in Buenos Aires. Image Source: Emory Libraries Metropolis is a classic utopia revealed… Read More ›

Adding it to the wishlist

Feminist Philosophy and Science Fiction – Utopias and Dystopias Judith A. Little (Ed) Amherst, New York, Prometheus Books, 2007 411 pages, ISBN 9781591024149 This accessible and provocative collection of science fiction acquaints readers with cutting-edge gender controversies in moral and… Read More ›

Setting low bars

There’s SF in blogtopia’s air lately, it seems. Whee! says my internal geek-meter. PZ Myers of Pharyngula has put up a list he found via tikistitch of the “Most Significant SF & Fantasy Books of the Last 50 Years” …. Read More ›

A Transhumanist Future?

The whole 666 Number/Mark of the Beast thing and the fact that I’m reading Peter F. Hamilton at the moment has got me thinking about biochips and the future of other technological augmentations of the human body, and how those… Read More ›

Best. Hoyden. Evah.

Y.T. Skate-Kourier thrasher teen superbus. (The following book report is ending-spoiler-free.) Quite a few people told me I should read Snowcrash because I love science fiction. Why did none of them tell me I should also read it because one… Read More ›

SF Sunday

An interesting review of a movie, and some of its American viewers. I obviously will have to go see V for Vendetta, and track down the graphic novel too. So it has come to our attention that some people are… Read More ›